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Lin Shao, PhD

Director, Microscopy

Contact Information

Lin Shao, PhD


My early career at UCSF focused on advancing structured-illumination microscopy (SIM), a resolution-doubling technique in the then-nascent field of super-resolution microscopy, achieving a record-breaking level of 100-nm resolution in all dimensions. Later at Janelia, I extended 3D-SIM to live imaging and helped invent lattice light-sheet microscopy, which have enabled ultrafast 3D subcellular imaging over very long periods. I guided many biologists in the use of novel custom-built microscopes as a key expert in Janelia’s Advanced Imaging Center. Currently at YSM I custom build cutting-edge microscopes, providing expertise and guidance for imaging and image analysis, and teaching microscopy classes.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    University of California, San Francisco (2005)