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The scientific community is an international community. Some groups, nationalities and men have traditionally been more participatory, not because they are better suited for science, but because historical and economical reasons have limited the participation of other ethnicities, countries and women. I believe science belongs to humanity at large, and that we should all be able to participate and benefit from the knowledge that is generated.

Science also stands to benefit tremendously from bringing in people with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds. I am therefore interested in identifying and eliminating the roadblocks that have traditionally prevented under-represented groups, at a national and international level, from participating in science.

Although my interests lie in diversity in general, for the time being I have focused on Puerto Rico, because it is where I am from, and because one must start somewhere. Here are some of the ways in which the lab reaches out to the public and to tomorrow’s scientists:

  1. CienciaPR, co-founded by Daniel Colón-Ramos, is a NPO that promotes research and education in PR.
  2. Every summer the lab accepts new undergraduate students to intern. If you are outside of Yale, and you are interested in participating, please look for opportunities here and communicate with Daniel Colón-Ramos.

Other outreach activities and events:

What Journalists and Scientists Have in Common

These two types of professionals should join forces to defend their shared values of inquiry and truth, write Yale neuroscientist Daniel Colón-Ramos, and journalists Elliott Kirschner and Dan Rather.

Source: Scientific American
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