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The Chang lab is currently focusing on the neural pathways that control cardiovascular physiology.

Follow Your Heart

Vagal neurons represent gatekeepers in the neural regulation of cardiovascular functions, yet their physiological roles in health and disease remain elusive. We use AAV-guided anatomical mapping, in vivo calcium imaging, and optogenetics to genetically define and characterize vagal neurons that interact with the cardiovascular system.

You and Me, Heart Connected

A molecular and cellular dissection of neural circuits for diverse cardiovascular reflexes is a first step towards understanding the neural mechanisms of cardiovascular regulation. We use state-of- the-art genetic tools to establish a complete circuit-wiring paradigm for cardiovascular reflexes.

Deep into Your Brain

Sensory neurons in the circumventricular organs (CVOs) that lack a normal blood-brain barrier are excellent candidates for receiving body vital signals like hormones, electrolytes, and metabolites from the bloodstream. We use genetic approaches to functionally dissect sensory CVO neurons, with a focus on neuron types that control cardiovascular physiology.