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Current Opinion on HIV/AIDS 2014, Volume 9, Issue 4

Co-Editors Drs. Amy Justice and Julian Falutz

In order by pagination:

  • 291-293-Justice A, Falutz J. Aging and HIV: an evolving understanding. PMID: 24871091.
  • 294-301-Costagliola D. Demographics of HIV and aging. PMID: 24824889.
  • 302-308-Hunt PW. HIV and aging: emerging research issues. PMID: 24824891.
  • 309-316-Wang H, Kotler DP. HIV enteropathy and aging: gastrointestinal immunity, mucosal epithelial barrier, and microbial translocation. PMID: 24871087.
  • 317-324-Edelman EJ, Tetrault JM, Fiellin DA. Substance use in older HIV-infected patients. PMID: 24824888.
  • 325-331-Rueda S, Law S, Rourke SB. Psychosocial, mental health, and behavioral issues of aging with HIV. PMID: 24824890.
  • 332-339-Calvo M, Martinez E. Update on metabolic issues in HIV patients. PMID: 24824886.
  • 340-345-Nadkarni GN, Konstantinidis I, Wyatt CM. HIV and the aging kidney. PMID: 24824884
  • 346-354-So-Armah K, Freiberg MS. Cardiovascular disease risk in an aging HIV population: not just a question of biology. PMID: 24824885.
  • 355-364-Cysique LA, Brew BJ. The effects of HIV and aging on brain functions: proposing a research framework and update on last 3 years' findings. PMID: 24871088.
  • 365-370-Rockstroh JK, Mohr R, Behrens G, Spengler U. Liver fibrosis in HIV: which role does HIV itself, long-term drug toxicities and metabolic changes play? PMID: 24840057.
  • 371-378-Vigouroux C, Bastard JP, Capeau J. Emerging clinical issues related to management of multiorgan comorbidities and polypharmacy. PMID: 24824887.
  • 379-385-Wong C, Althoff K, Gange SJ. Identifying the appropriate comparison group for HIV-infected individuals. PMID: 24840058.
  • 386-397-Guaraldi G, Silva AR, Stentarelli C. Multimorbidity and functional status assessment. PMID: 24867388.
  • 398-404-Tsoukas C. Immunosenescence and aging in HIV. PMID: 24840059.
  • 405-411-Chirch LM, Hasham M, Kuchel GA. HIV and aging: a clinical journey from Koch's postulate to the chronic disease model and the contribution of geriatric syndromes. PMID: 24824883
  • 412-418-Brothers TD, Rockwood K. Biologic aging, frailty, and age-related disease in chronic HIV infection. PMID: 24840060.
  • 419-427-Boyd CM, Lucas GM. The effects of HIV and aging on brain functions: proposing a research framework and update on last 3 years' findings. PMID: 24871089.
  • 428-435-Mallon PW. Aging with HIV: osteoporosis and fractures. PMID: 24871090.