Presentations (Private)

  • Amy Justice: Welcome, Steering Committee Introductions and Review of Meeting Aims from the Principal Director of COMpAAAS 
  • Kendall Bryant: Opening remarks from NIAAA Director of HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Research

Orientation to New Projects

  • Amy Justice: The Veterans Aging Cohort Study and Resource for Informatics & Biostatistics (RIB) 
  • David Fiellin: Financial Incentives, Randomization with Stepped Treatment (FIRST) Trial 
  • Scott Braithwaite: Operations Research

Translational Research Projects 

  • Russell Tracy: Precision Medicine: Is There a Role for “Deep Phenotyping”? 
  • Kathleen McGinnis: Validating Harmful Alcohol Use as a Phenotype for Genetic Discovery: Using Phosphatidylethanol and a Polymorphism in ADH1B 
  • F. Perry Wilson: Valproic Acid, Incidence and Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease 
  • Matthew Freiberg: VACS in the Age of Omics

VACS Index, Polypharmacy, and Multisubstance Use 

  • Janet Tate: Predicting Readmission and 30 Day Mortality in General Hospital Patients 
  • Brandon Marshall: Patterns, Predictors, and Consequences of Non-medical Prescription Opioid Use in the VACS 
  • Scott Braithwaite: Willingness to Pay for Better Alcohol Biomarkers 
  • Amy Justice: Polypharmacy Initiative 
  • Kristina Niehoff: Addressing Polypharmacy using the Tool to Reduce Inappropriate Medications (TRIM) Video-Presentation-Script 

Affiliated Grants 

  • Vincent Lo Re: HIV and Aging Mechanisms for Hepatocellular Cancer 
  • Tamar Taddei: Characterizing the Histologic Morphology of Liver Cancer: Creating a Formalin Fixed, Paraffin Embedded Tissue and Slide Repository 
  • Lesley Park: Virus-Related Cancers in the VACS 
  • Janet Tate: Safety and Comparative Effectiveness of Gabapentin for Unhealthy Alcohol Use in HIV 
  • E. Jennifer Edelman: Non-medical Use of Prescription Opioids Among HIV-infected Individuals: Trajectories and Impact on Health Outcomes 
  • Kevin Kraemer: Comparative Effectivenaess of Alcohol and Drug Treatment in HIV-infected Veterans

Patient Salient Outcomes 

  • Julie Womack: HIV Infection and Falls 
  • Kristina Crothers: COPD, Pneumonia and Outcomes in HIV infection 
  • Keith Sigel: Lung Cancer: Key Findings and Future Directions 
  • Kathleen Akgun: Alcohol-related Diagnoses Increase Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Admission Risk in HIV-infected and Uninfected Patients

Birth Cohort and Big Data Initiatives 

  • R. George Hauser: Standardized Laboratory Data as a Service 
  • Farah Kidwai-Khan: ICD9 vs ICD10” - A Comparison Using VAC Data 
  • Denise Esserman: Introduction to the Birth Cohort: Veterans Born Between 1945 and 1965 
  • Basile Njei: Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment and Outcomes in U.S. Veterans Born 1945-1965


  • Michael Silverberg: Antiretroviral Therapy Strategies to Lower Cancer Risk in HIV-infected Persons 
  • Margaret May: NIAAA Application Aims: Hazardous Alcohol/Substance Use, and Smoking 
  • Brian Agan: DoD-VA HIV Collaborations 
  • Keri Althoff: Recent Findings from HIV and Aging Studies: VACS as a Collaborating Cohort in the NA-ACCORD
  • Kendall Bryant: Opening Remarks from NIAAA Director of HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Research
  • Matthew Freiberg : “Targeting HIV Comorbidities with Pharmacotherapy to Reduce Alcohol and Tobacco Use in HIV Infected Russians” [URBAN ARCH]
  • David Fiellin : “Financial Incentives, Randomization with Stepped Treatment (FIRST Trial) for Unhealthy Alcohol Use in HIV” [COMpAAAS]
  • Karen Cropsey and Heidi Hutton : “An Algorithm Approach to Treating Alcohol Use Disorders in HIV Clinics” [Hopkins ARCH]
  • Judy Hahn : “TB Preventive Therapy for HIV Infected Alcohol Users in Uganda: An Evaluation of Safety, Tolerability, and Adherence” [URBAN ARCH]
  • Christopher Kahler : “The Science of Behavior Change and Intervention Implementation in Alcohol HIV Research” [SHARC & Brown ARCH]
  • Heidi Crane : “Multisubstance Use, HCV Treatment Cascade, Age-Related Comorbidities” [Hopkins ARCH]
  • Amy Justice : “The Impact of Polypharmacy, PIMs, and Pharmacotherapy for AUD and HCV” [COMpAAAS]
  • Jennifer Uyei (presenting for Scott Braithwaite) : “Alcohol, Alcohol Screening, and HCV Treatment Cascade” [COMpAAAS]
  • Alicia Ventura (presenting for Richard Saitz) : “Alcohol and HIV Associated Comorbidity and Complications: Frailty, Functional Impairment, Falls, and Fractures (the 4F study)”
  • Robert Cook : “Florida Cohort” [SHARC]
  • Tyler Wray : “Studying Drinking and HIV-risk Among Men who Have Sex with Men in the Lab and the Real World” [Brown ARCH]
  • Janet Tate : “Propensity Techniques and Measurement Error Correction” [COMpAAAS]
  • Don Operario : “HIV and Alcohol Syndemics in Sexual and Gender Minority Populations” [Brown ARCH and COMpAAAS]
  • Matthew Freiberg : “Translational Research” [URBAN ARCH and COMpAAAS]
  • Bryan Lau : “Causal Inference in Competing Risk Settings” [Hopkins ARCH]
  • Kendall Bryant : Future Cross Cohort Collaborations

Wednesday, May 14th

7:00-8:00 PM-Introduction and Orientation to CHAART Consortia

Thursday, May 15th

8:00-10:15-Plenary #1: Alcohol, Immune Function, and Multimorbidity in HIV (Moderators: Betsy McCaul and Jeffrey Samet) 

10:30-12:15-Plenary #2: New Approaches to Measurement and Analyses of Alcohol and Its Effects (Moderators: Amy Justice and Kendall Bryant)

1:45-3:30-Plenary #3: HIV, Alcohol, Health Behaviors, and Provider Response (Moderators: Robert Cook and Peter Monti)

3:45-5:15-CHAART Intervention Studies Status Update and Panel Discussion Chaired by David Fiellin and Richard Saitz: Brief presentations followed by general discussion

Friday, May 16th

8:00-10:00-Friday Plenary: Cross Consortia Cores and Workgroups (Moderators: David Rimland and Janet Tate)

10:00-10:45-Featured Presentation: 


VACS Index

  • "Treatment and Management of HIV Infection in the United States"
  • Initial Treatment for HIV Infection - Pavia A
  • Strategies for Treatment of Late HIV Infection - Braun J
  • Challenges to Identify and Retain Patients in Care - Futterman D
  • Comprehensive Care & Management - Chronoic and Lifelong Care - Lee S