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Occupational & Environmental Medicine

The Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program (YOEMP) is dedicated to preventing occupational and environmental illness and injury through patient care, consultative activities, training, and research.
We provide clinical services at the Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program, Yale New Haven Hospital and VA Connecticut Healthcare System for the evaluation and prevention of work-related and environmental illnesses and injuries.
In addition to our ACGME-accredited Occupational and Preventive Medicine Program, which offers fellowship training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, we provide educational opportunities in occupational and environmental medicine for medical and public health students, and medical residents and fellows.
Research areas include occupational asthma, health concerns among aging workers, noise-induced hearing loss, and seafarer health with the Yale Maritime Research Center. 

Legal Services

We provide consultative services including outbreak investigations, hazard evaluations, and policy development for a range of private and public agencies.
Our faculty includes physicians, epidemiologists, statisticians, industrial hygienists and lab scientists with expertise in a range of occupational and environmental health problems.
Carrie A. Redlich, M.D., M.P.H.
Program Director, Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The goal of the Yale Maritime Research Center is to understand the total worker experience in the maritime transport industry. This includes multiple domains, including health at work and at home. Seafarers come from diverse backgrounds and ship environments have various occupational and organizational structures. We seek to investigate all factors related to optimizing the work experience for this vital sector. This work will enable a safer and healthier work environment, to the mutual benefit of seafarers and ship owners.