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ForAGirl Program

By a Girl, For a Girl

“You are really smart… for a girl.”

“You are really good at math… for a girl.”

“for a girl” is a phrase that unfortunately comes up too frequently for girls and young women. There is a well-documented failure to attract girls and young women to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as medicine and research, and a corresponding lower frequency with which women enter these fields, as compared with men. There is also a considerable dearth of research that is focused specifically on women, their health and well-being.

And such, there is a great need for work to be done in STEM, medicine and research that is conducted by girls/women and for girls/women. ForAGirl is a novel program based at the Yale Center for Health and Learning Games, focused on promoting girl’s engagement in these fields with the goal to increase girls and women entering the fields of STEM, medicine and research.