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Yale Center for Health & Learning Games

The Yale Center for Health & Learning Games develops and evaluates videogame-based interventions with the goal of reducing risk and promoting healthy behaviors, social good and education. Our multidisciplinary team integrates established behavioral change theories into our interventions to create healthier, safer lives for our players.

We aim to foster risk awareness, well being, and social intelligence with high levels of engagement, fidelity, and impact. We use rigorous scientific methods and metrics to develop and evaluate our videogame technology.

The Yale Center for Health & Learning Games is home to a growing family of labs, including the play2PREVENT and play4REAL Labs, along with community educational outreach programs, such as our ForAGirl program.

The Center is able to forge partnerships across academic, technological, and creative fields through collaborations with researchers, scientists, and commercial game developers. We also focus on community and work closely with educators, parents, and teens to develop and rigorously test our targeted game interventions for risk reduction and prevention.

Our mission is to serve as a resource for schools, youth programs, teens, parents, and communities and work together towards the common goal of improving and securing the futures of youth and young adults. We strive to do this by developing and evaluating game interventions to transform health and learning behaviors and through offering innovative and engaging educational programs.