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Yale Cancer Center Core Facilities (Relevant to DERC)

Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting Core

This core maintains two instruments; a Becton Dickinson dual laser FACS IV and a BDFACS analyzer as well as interfacing computers and technical support. The current configuration of the Yale Cancer Center FACS IV allows simultaneous measurement of four different parameters on each individual cell. The addition of electrostatic sorting to flow cytometry systems allows separation as well as analysis of individual cells at rates exceeding 1000 cells/second. Users are charged an hourly rate.

Mass Spectroscopy Core

This core houses a VG ZAB-SE double focusing high mass range spectrometer (purchased with DRR-BRS Shared Instrument Grant plus Cancer Center funds) with a continuous flow FAB probe and a 35KV cesium ion gun as well as a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer equipped with an electrospray ion source, a liquid chromatograph and three gas chromatographs. It is used for confirmation of the structure of proteins cloned from oligonucleotide probes, molecular structure analyses, to identify peptides produced from enzymatic digests, identify post-translational modifications of proteins, etc. Charges are based on an hourly rate.

vTissue Retrieval Core

Operated by the Department of Pathology to facilitate the acquisition of human tissues to investigators as well as to provide diagnostic services. Supply and technical costs are subsidized.

Transgenic Mouse Core

The Cancer Center operates a transgenic and knockout mouse facility that shares expertise with the DERC Transgenic facility directed by Dr. Flavell.