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DRC Membership

The cornerstone of the DRC is our members. At Yale there are a large number of independently supported, established investigators with very diverse backgrounds conducting research in diabetes and related metabolic and endocrine disorders. Each of the major DRC research areas is highly interactive and collaborative Thus, the appropriate intellectual environment is in place, but has been greatly amplified by the funding of the DRC in 1993.

The funding has:

  1. provided the framework for cross fertilization among the major research programs; and
  2. stimulated basic scientists at Yale to interact more effectively with our existing diabetes research program or to establish new areas of collaborative research.
Over the past decade, the number of DRC members has slowly expanded, currently numbering ~100, including faculty from eighteen departments within the Medical School, the Biology Department at the College, the School of Public Health, the Nursing School and the Pierce Foundation Laboratory. Members include significant number of faculty who are members of the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine and recipients of MERIT awards from the NIH. While about one-half have been DRC members since its inception, there has been turnover. New members mainly are from basic science departments, reflecting our active recruitment of scientists whose research is of importance to diabetes and who in turn would introduce new ideas and expertise to the Center. It is particularly noteworthy that research support of our membership has risen substantially since the onset of DRC funding.

DRC membership is open to faculty of Yale University who are actively engaged in research in diabetes-related areas or in disciplines that in a broad sense are fundamental to our understanding of the pathogenesis, complications, or the treatment of diabetes and metabolic disorders. Membership requires that the investigator either:

  1. has relevant research grant support which has been peer-reviewed and funded by the NIH, NSF, or other agencies and foundations (e.g., JDRF, ADA) that support biomedical research;
  2. has an funded Pilot/Feasibility Research Grant from the Yale DRC
  3. serve as a DRC Core Laboratory Director; or
  4. are junior faculty who are establishing laboratories focused on DRC-related activities.
Scientists outside of the University who are actively collaborating with diabetes researchers at Yale may be granted External Scientist Membership status which allows them access to DRC Cores to promote their Yale-based collaborations.

If you would like further information about becoming a member of the Yale DRC, please contact either Drs. Gerald Shulman, (, Kevan Herold ( or the DRC administrator, Johanna Json-Toft (