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Joanna Radin, PhD

Associate Professor in the History of Medicine

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Joanna Radin, PhD
Joanna Radin
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Joanna Radin (Associate Professor, effective July, 2018) received her PhD in History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research examines the social and technical conditions of possibility for the systems of biomedicine and biotechnology that we live with today. She has particular interests in global histories of biology, ecology, medicine, technology, and anthropology since 1945; history and anthropology of life and death; biomedical technology and computing; feminist, indigenous, and queer STS; and science fiction.

She is the author of Life on Ice: A History of New Uses for Cold Blood (Chicago 2017), the first history of the low-temperature biobank and and co-editor, with Emma Kowal of Cyropolitics: Frozen Life in a Melting World (MIT 2017), which considers the technics and ethics of freezing across the life and environmental sciences. 

Education & Training

  • PhD
    University of Pennsylvania (2012)
  • MS
    University of Pennsylvania (2007)
  • MS
    Cornell University, Communication (2004)
  • BS
    Cornell University, Communication (2002)

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