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Yale Disabilities Studies Network

Yale Disability Studies Network (YDSN) brings together Yale students and alumni to help propel Yale’s mission and investment in disability studies and works. We serve as a platform and hub that supports worldwide interdisciplinarity in the field of disability studies and intergenerational collaboration practices. We focus on sharing and advancing research studies, exploring best practices and innovative solutions, and providing training to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities by connecting Yale students and alumni to create an approachable space for workshop papers, presentations, and other kinds of scholarly work, and hosting speakers series for shared knowledge, experience, and work.

Yale Disability Studies Network(YDSN) takes disability as a method and a critical lens to produce new forms of understanding in the wider health, social, cultural, economic, legal, and other academic and practical domains. We aspire to expand and influence Yale’s investment in disability-related areas and move social justice forward at Yale and beyond.

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