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Meet the Members

  • Richard Awdeh, MD

    CEO, CheckedUp

    Company Focus: Actionable healthcare decision technologies designed by physicians for physicians and their patients

    Links: CheckedUp; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: MD '04

  • Sobin Chang, MPH

    CEO and President, Aquavit Pharmaceuticals

    Company Focus: R&D of innovative biotech/pharmaceutical products, big data, and microchannel device technology

    Links: Aquavit Pharmaceuticals; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: MPH, former postdoctoral fellow

  • Neal Eigler, MD

    CEO, V-Wave

    Company Focus: Interatrial shunting for heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension

    Links: V-Wave; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: MD '78

  • Jeffrey Gimble, MD, PhD

    Chief Medical Officer, Obatala Sciences

    Company Focus: Human cells and hydrogels for regenerative medicine and microphysiological systems

    Links: Obatala Sciences; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: PhD '81, MD '82

  • Donald Ingber, MD, PhD

    Founder of multiple startups, including Emulate and BOA™ Biomedical

    Links: Emulate; BOA™ Biomedical; biography link

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: BA '77, MA '77, MPhil '81, MD-PhD '84

  • Kate Krueger, PhD

    CEO, Aixa Bio

    Company Focus: Generative AI to democratize precision medicine

    Links: Aixa Bio; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: PhD '17

  • Mitesh Rao, MD

    Founder and CEO, OMNY Health

    Company Focus: Healthcare data and insights for life sciences companies

    Links: OMNY Health; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: MHS '09, former fellow and resident

  • Michael Singer, MD, PhD

    Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Strategy Officer, Cartesian Therapeutics

    Company Focus: Pioneering RNA-engineered cell therapy in and beyond oncology

    Links: Cartesian Therapeutics; LinkedIn Yale Degrees/Affiliations: BS '95, PhD '00, MD '02

  • Anil Vedula, MD

    Board Member, American Vision Group

    Company Focus: National eyecare services platform

    Links: American Vision Group; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: MD '06

  • Kayla Wooley, MPH

    CEO, StaffOnTap

    Company Focus: Connecting understaffed nursing homes with temporary nurses

    Links: StaffOnTap; LinkedIn

    Yale Degrees/Affiliations: MPH '21