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Bioethics Interest Group

Do Religion and Spirituality Have Roles in Medicine Today talk with Dr. Robert Klitzman, April 2, 2019

This student-led gathering of medical, nursing, physician associate, and public health students is held once per month in the evening, September through May. These sessions provide a rare opportunity to discuss issues in bioethics informally with a guest member of the faculty in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Faculty Director: Mark R. Mercurio, MD, MA

Past Events - Program For Biomedical Ethics

May 202415Wednesday
May 20241Wednesday
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Mar 202420Wednesday
Mar 20246Wednesday
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Dec 202313Wednesday
Dec 20236Wednesday
Nov 202315Wednesday
Nov 20231Wednesday
Oct 202318Wednesday
Oct 20234Wednesday
Sep 202320Wednesday
Sep 202315Friday
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    Yele Aluko - Lauren Rogge - Jennifer E Miller, PhD - Pierre Theodore - Christopher Boone - Cassandra Smith - Amrit Ray, MD - Marisa Greenwald - Judy Ngang - Sandra Amaro - Yasmeen Long - Brittany Gerald - Maria Apostolaros - Martin Mendoza, PhD - Salman Shah - Bieneosa Ebite - Tania Simoncelli - Tanisha Carino - Missy Heidelberg - Marc Wilenzick - David Leventhal - Cris Woolston - Jessica Scott - Kim Sabelko - Rob Scott - Leo Russo - Lauren Puffer - Muna Tuna - Melissa Penn - Meghan McKenzie - Cynthia Grossman - Wendy Erler - Rachael Eckles
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