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COVID-19 Policies

Phase 1 Re-opening

June 3, 2020

All investigators also approved through EHS and previously trained on the core’s microscopes can use the facility with the following safety rules :

  1. Users will wash their hands when they enter and before they leave the lab.
  2. Only 1 person per microscope at ay one time.
  3. The microscope room door or curtain should be closed when operating the instruments.
  4. Face mask and gloves will be worn at all times when in the lab.
  5. 70% ethanol spray bottles are positioned at each microscope, all touch surfaces (keyboards, mice, focus knobs etc) should be disinfected before and after use. Please spray ethanol on to a kimwipe and not directly onto the surface when wiping down. Please do not touch or apply ethanol to the monitors.
  6. Please maintain a 6 foot social distance from others in the lab.
  7. The workstations are to be used remotely only as they are too close together to allow for social distancing.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Michael H Nathanson, Director
Al Mennone, Technical Director

Closure for Non-essential Research

March 20, 2020

To follow Yale guidance on COVID-19, we are taking proactive measures to protect our users and staff from the virus. Although our operations for non-essential research have been suspended, we are available to support investigators who are conducting University defined critical research. For instance, studies related to the causes, mechanisms, and potential therapeutic trials of viral (COVID-19 or similar) infection.

If you have imaging needs that fall into the above categories, please contact; I will do my best to assist you in this regard.