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Position posted 4/6/2021

Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Research Scientist - Computational Biology at Yale University

Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Research Scientist - Computational Biology position(s) available in Sidi Chen Laboratory at Yale University. This individual carries out computational research and development activities as directed by the PI.

#Minimal Required Education and Experience:
PhD Degree in the area of computer science, computational biology, bioinformatics, data science, biostatistics, physics, or relevant scientific disciplines and strong skill sets of computing.

Preferred specific skills or experience:

  1. Linux / Unix operating systems, server operation, awk or similar languages
  2. Custom scripting with Perl, Python, and/or C++
  3. Data analysis and graphics using R or similar
  4. Analysis of large datasets such as genomics, transcriptomics/RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, single cell sequencing, mass-spec/proteomics/metabolomics, genetic screening such as CRISPR screens
  5. Processing of large complex datasets such as high-content imaging, clinical data
  6. Machine learning, artificial intelligence
  7. Software development, API
  8. Fluent English communications

Principal responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Analysis of large datasets
  2. Design of complex libraries
  3. Analysis of large datasets with integration from experimental metadata
  4. Data integration from multiple sources, high-dimensional data analysis
  5. Mentoring and teaching computational skills to lab members
  6. Other projects or tasks as assigned by the PI

Interested individuals please email or with the following:

  1. Title: Application for Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Research Scientist - Computational Biology
  2. CV, highlighting relevant required / preferred specific skills and experience
  3. Example codes to demonstrate the coding skills, or GitHub links
  4. Other example graphics, softwares, websites created by custom coding to showcase expertise
  5. Names and contacts of three or more referees, including primary doctoral mentor

Yale University is an equal opportunity employer.

Check back regularly. Please send any inquires to