YCCI Junior Faculty Scholars

The YCCI Junior Faculty Scholars program is focused on furthering the training of junior faculty members or postdoctoral fellows who are ready to transition to faculty and are strongly committed to careers in clinical or translational research. The program, which includes KL2 career development award recipients, awards funding for salary support and research. During the past four years, institutional and CTSA resources have allowed YCCI to triple the number of junior faculty receiving such training compared to those previously supported by Yale's K12 grant. Scholars are extremely diverse, with research interests distributed over a broad range of disciplines and projects that span the entire range of clinical, translational, and community-based research projects.

Since 2006, a total of 77 YCCI Junior Faculty Scholars have received training and been mentored by some of the most accomplished members of the School of Medicine, School of Nursing and School of Public Health faculties. They have included 68 Scholars from School of Medicine (representing 14 different departments), 5 from the School of Nursing, 5 from the School of Public Health, and 1 from the School of Engineering. Scholars have published over 500 papers and received $92 million of grant funding: 33 have received their own NIH independent career development awards, additionally they have obtained 14 R03 awards, 15 R21 awards, and 13 R01 awards. 

Scholars also have access to courses in the Investigative Medicine curriculum (they are required to take at least three IMP courses) and the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program as well as training in ethically responsible and community-based research. Those who do not already have an advanced degree must complete a program leading to a Masters degree in Health Sciences Research, awarded by the School of Medicine. The YCCI Scholars Program also has close ties with other major programs and centers at Yale, including the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center/Program on Aging, the VA Cooperative Studies Program/Clinical Epidemiology Research Center, and the Child Study Center, all of which proved rich resources for didactic training, mentoring and research projects.

Scholars regularly present their work at bimonthly Research in Progress meetings with students from the Investigative Medicine Program and participate in the YCCI Clinical Scholars' Research Day, where they have an opportunity to make formal presentations to their peers and to faculty across the institution, allowing a broad interchange and providing valuable experience for presentations at national meetings. All of the program's components are designed to create an environment that encourages cross-fertilization and multidisciplinary approaches and maximizes the likelihood of successful careers in clinical and translational research.

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CBPR course for Health Investigators and Fellows

YCCI is partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program (RWJFCSP) to offer training in community partnered research for Yale investigators/post doctoral fellows (MD and PhD’s) affiliated with the Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing.

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