Caihong Qiu, Ph.D

Research Scientist in Cell Biology

Research Interests

Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs); Hematopoiestic differentiation of hESCs; Neuronal differentiation of hESCs

Research Summary

We are interested in understanding the mechanism of human embryonic stem cell self-renewal and directing hESCs differentiation down to specific lineages.

Selected Publications

  • Mei Hsu, Christine A. Richardson, Emmanuel Olivier, Caihong Qiu, Eric E. Bouhassira, Christopher H. Lowrey, Steven Fiering Complex developmental patterns of histone modifications associated with the human beta-globin switch in primary cells. 2009 Exp Hematol. ;37(7):799-806
  • Melissa J. Lathrop, Mei Hsu, Christine A. Richardson, Emmanuel N. Olivier, Caihong Qiu, Eric E. Bouhassira, Steven Fiering, Christopher H. Lowrey Developmentally regulated extended domains of DNA hypomethylation encompass highly transcribed genes of the human beta-globin locus. 2009 Exp Hematol. 37(7):807-813
  • Ee-chun cheng, Qing luo, Emanuela M. Bruscia, Matthew J. Renda, James A. Troy, Stephanie A. Massaro, David Tuck, Vincent Schulz, Shrikant M. Mane, Nancy Berliner, Yi Sun, Stephan W. Morris, Caihong Qiu, and Diane S Krause .Role for MKL1 in megakaryocytic maturation 2009 Blood 113 (12) 2826-2834.
  • Caihong Qiu, Emmanuel Olivier, Michelle Velho and Eric Bouhassira. Embryonic to fetal globin switch is associated with erythroid cell maturation in primitive hematopoiesis derived from hESCs 2008. Blood 111(4):2400-8 * * This paper was cited in two annual review papers Curr Opin Hematol (2008) by both Palis J and Tian X, & Kaufman D as paper “of special interest”.
  • Caihong Qiu, Emmanuel Olivier, Michelle Velho and Eric Bouhassira. (2006) In vitro expansion of erythroid cells from hematopoietic progenitor cells derived from human embryonic stem cells. Exp.Hematol. 34 (12): 1635-42. ** ** This paper was cited by Shannon L Mckinnery-Freeman and George Q Daley in their annual review paper in Curr Opin Hematol 2007 as one of two “of outstanding interest” papers
  • Caihong Qiu, Eric Hanson, Emmanuel Oliver, Man Inada, Dan Kaufman, Sanjeev Gupta and Eric Bouhassira. (2005) Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into hematopoietic cells by co-culture with human fetal liver cells recapitulates the globin switch that occurs early in development. Exp.Hematol. 33.12: 1450-58

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