Jonathan Newman Grauer MD

Associate Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and of Pediatrics; Co-Director, Orthopaedic Spine Service; Co-Director, Yale New Haven Hospital Spine Center

Research Interests

Spinal care outcomes research; Clinical spine practices; Spinal imaging; Spine fusion studies; Practice of spine surgery

Research Summary

Dr. Grauer's laboratory performs multiple studies critically evaluating multiple aspects of current clinical practice.

Selected Publications

  • Miller CP, Jegede K, Essig D, Garg H, Bible JE, Biswas D, Whang PG, Grauer JN. The efficacies of 2 ceramic bone graft extenders for promoting spinal fusion in a rabbit bone paucity model. Spine 2012; 37: 642-647.
  • Blizzard DJ, Hustedt JW, Bohl DD, Telles CJ, Grauer JN. Routine anteroposterior radiographs have limited utility for patients after anterior cervical decompression and fusion. Spine 2012; 37: 1904-1908.
  • Essig DA, Miller CP. Xiao M, Ivancic P, Jegede K, Badrinath R, Smith BG, Grauer JN. Biomechanical comparison of end-plate forces generated by uniaxial screws and monoaxial pedicle screws. Orthopaedics 2012; 35: e1528-e1532.
  • Jegede KA, Miller CP, Bible JE, Whang PG, Grauer JN. The effects of three different types of orthoses on the range of motion of the lumbar spine during fifteen activities of daily living. Spine 2011; 36: 2346-2353.
  • Miller CP, Brubacher JW, Biswas D, Lawrence BD, Whang PG, Grauer JN. The incidence of noncontiguous spinal fractures and other traumatic injuries associated with cervical spine fractures: a 10-year experience at an academic medical center. Spine 2011; 36:1532-1540.

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