Daniel R. Cooperman MD

Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student ResearchSpine Center, YaleOrthopaedics and Rehabilitation: Pediatric Orthopaedics


  • B.A., Dartmouth College, 1969
  • M.D., University of Chicago, 1974

Selected Publications

  • Gillespie, R.J., Levine, A., Fitzgerald, S.J., Kolaczko, J., DeMaio, M., Marcus, R.E., Cooperman, D.R.: Gender differences in the anatomy of the distal femur. J Bone Joint Surg. Vol 93B, No 3, p 357-363, March 2011.
  • Liu, R.W., Toogood, P., Hart, D.E., Davy, D.T., Cooperman, D.R.: The Effect of Varus and Valgus Osteotomies on Femoral Version. J. Pediatr Orthop. Vol 29, #7, p 666-675, Oct/Nov 2009.
  • Goyal, K., Skalak, A.S., Marcus, R. E., Vallier, H.A., Cooperman, D.R.: Analysis of Anatomic Tibial Plate Fit on Normal Adults. Clin. Ortho. and R. R. 461, 245-257, 2007.


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