Dejan P Zecevic PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student ResearchCellular & Molecular Physiology

Research Interests

Physiology of axons, dendrites and dendritic spines; Input-output function of individual nerve cells; Voltage sensitive dyes; Optical recording methods more...


  • Ph.D., University of Belgrade, 1981

Selected Publications

  • Popovic M., Gao X, Carnevale N and Zecevic D. (2012) Cortical dendritic spine heads are not electrically isolated by the spine neck from membrane potential signals in parent dendrites. Cerebral Cortex. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhs320.
  • Popovic M, Gao X, Zecevic D (2012). Voltage-sensitive dye recording from axons, dendrites and dendritic spines of individual neurons in brain slices. JoVE (69), e4261.
  • Foust A.J., Y. Yu, M, Popovic, D. Zecevic, D.A. McCormick. (2011) Somatic membrane potential and Kv1 channels control spike repolarization in cortical axon collaterals and presynaptic boutons. J. Neurosci. 31:15490-8.



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