FACS Analysis

FACS Analysis starts with the scheduling and accomplishing training session. We are open to all researchers throughout Yale campus. New users need to contact Ewa.Menet@yale.edu  and fill the New User Form.

Analysis cytometers locations and contacts

Amnis Imagestream - in TAC S633 (Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

FACSCalibur S - in TAC S613 ( Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

FACSCalibur H– in TAC S533 ( Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

FACSCalibur Amistad- in Amistad Room 105 (Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

BD LSRII Amistad - in Amistad room 416 (Geoffrey.Lyon@yale.edu)

BD LSRII, BD LSRII Green - TAC S613 ( Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

BD LSRII TAC5 - TAC S533 ( Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

BD LSRII at George St. - in 300 George St., room 2320H (Zhao.Zhao@yale.edu)

Bio-Plex - in TAC S522 (Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

Stratedigm - in TAC S613, TAC S633 and TAC S533 (Ewa.Menet@yale.edu)

On LSRII cytometers equipped with 532 nm lasers (LSRII Green, LSRII at Amistad, LSRII at 300 George Street), APC-Cy7 and PE-Cy7 should not be used together.