Post-Doctoral Opportunities

The Lolis Lab offers exciting opportunities to work in the fields of G-protein coupled receptors, their protein ligands, and a number of other inflammatory-related proteins. Successful applicants should have a background and experience in the fields of molecular biology (including yeast genetics), general and membrane protein biochemistry, and X-ray crystallography. Occasionally funded positions are available and these will be advertised on our website and elsewhere. Motivated postdocs who are interested in joining our lab are advised to secure external funding. Postdoc applicants who intend to apply for external funding should contact Elias Lolis providing a cover letter and CV. Dr. Lolis will provide information on a project for your application.

Graduate Opportunities

Our lab offers a number of exciting thesis projects for Yale graduate students with passion in mechanism of action of proteins, protein crystallography, and drug discovery. PhD candidates who want to have a research career in either of these fields should contact Elias Lolis to discuss about the research opportunities that the lab offers.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Lolis lab has trained and served as mentor for a number of undergraduate students and their undergraduate thesis. Enthusiastic undergraduate students keen on gaining research experience are always welcome to our lab. Interested applicants should preferably have some knowledge in biochemistry, biology or chemistry. For more details on the research projects you should contact Elias Lolis.

Principal Investigator

Elias Lolis, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology

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