Lawrence and Memorial Cancer Center

Yale radiation oncologists have a long history of providing comprehensive, compassionate care at L&M Waterford Cancer Care Center in Waterford, Connecticut. A Yale School of Medicine/Yale-New Haven Hospital program occupies the first floor of L&M's two story, 48,000-square-feet green building that opened in October 2013. In this beautiful setting, Yale physicians provide a full range of radiation services for all types of cancers treatable by radiation therapy.

This facility has state of-the-art equipment and software, including:

  • Two dual-energy Varian linear accelerators, which are capable of providing conventional radiotherapy, electron beam radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). This allows doctors to treat cancers safely and effectively
  • Calypso, a 4D localization system used to treat prostate cancer, and deliver maximum radiation directly to the tumor while avoiding health surrounding tissues and organs
  • GE CT simulator that has multi-slice imaging for precise localization of tumor and normal tissue structures
  • MLC/IMRT/IGRT/portal imaging. These allow physicians to deliver high precision treatments and account for any change in daily positioning of the patient on the treatment table.
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy capabilities providing an excellent option for patients with inoperable early stage lung cancer
  • Varian simulator, Mosaic record and verify, quality assurance system
  • RapidArc treatments, which deliver complicated treatments in a fraction of the time normally required
  • Eclipse treatment-planning software to help achieve the best quality radiation plan
  • An orthovoltage unit, offering treatment for patients with cancer affecting the skin
  • A CT simulator with 4D gating capability, allowing doctors to account for motion caused by breathing
  • Prone breast radiation therapy, which can minimize radiation exposure for organs other than the breast