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Yale Organ Transplantation and Immunology

The Yale-New Haven Organ Transplant Center (YNHTC) is a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and caregivers, dedicated to the care of patients with end-stage organ failure who might benefit from transplantation.

  • Largest kidney transplantation program in New England region. 
  • Nationally recognized pediatric liver transplant program in both patient outcomes and number of living donor transplants performed. 
  • Largest living donor kidney transplantation program in New England region. 
  • First Connecticut institution to provide kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation services. 
  • First kidney paired exchange in Connecticut. 
  • Performed the first split-liver transplant in the Connecticut. 
  • Strong multidisciplinary collaborative relationships that combine excellent clinical care delivery with basic science in order to develop cutting edge and innovative research. 
  • Access to a variety of clinical trials.
  • Transplant surgeons and physicians meet weekly to establish the most appropriate treatment recommendations for each patient.