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About Us

At Yale Thoracic Surgery, we provide focused expertise in the management of lung, esophagus, thymus, chest wall, and mediastinum disorders and diseases.

Evidence-Based Medicine for Better Outcomes and Brighter Futures

We offer our cancer patients evidence-based medicine from internationally renowned surgeons and multidisciplinary specialists. Evidence-based medicine means that we continually integrate the latest scientifically proven research to create personalized treatment plans for every patient.

Groundbreaking Research

As faculty of the Yale School of Medicine Department of Surgery, our surgeons are involved in groundbreaking research dedicated to improving the outcomes, including prolonged survival for their patients with cancer, to advancing medical and surgical techniques to treat cancer, including contributing to the greater goal of finding a cure.

Leading-Edge Surgical Procedures for Faster Recoveries

The majority of our procedures are performed using minimally invasive techniques, including complex cases that would otherwise require open surgery. Our highly skilled surgeons have exceptional experience in performing innovative surgical procedures. These procedures allow us to treat patients who have been considered high risk for routine surgery at other locations and patients who have experienced complications from a previous surgery.

A Message To Our Patients From Dr. Detterbeck, Section Chief Thoracic Surgery

Chief of Surgery, Dr. Frank Detterbeck, explains how Thoracic Surgery manages a variety of conditions of the chest.