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Participate in Our Research

Who Can Take Part?

We are looking for men and women who meet the following criteria:

  • Between ages 18-70
  • Diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD; OR no mental disorder
  • Smokers OR non-smokers
  • Alcohol drinkers OR non-drinkers
  • Otherwise medically healthy
  • If female, not pregnant
  • Do not have any metal in their body (incompatible with MRI)

What is Involved?

The exact procedure varies according to which study you meet criteria for. First we need to see whether you are eligible to take part. Generally, this involves a short confidential phone interview and an in-person visit for psychological and medical screening (which includes blood work and a urine drug test). All information provided is confidential.

If you meet criteria for any of our studies, you will be asked to return for one or more MRI scans and one or more PET scans. You will also be asked to perform some tests on a computer to assess cognitive functions such as memory and decision-making. You will be paid the following for each procedure you take part in. There may be more than one MRI/PET scan depending on the study. Please click on the links to find out more about MRI and PET.

Call us on 203-737-6484 or email