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Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Can I receive treatment there?

We are a research clinic, not a treatment clinic, so we are not able to provide general treatment services. We are, however, able to provide some participants treatment within the context of some research studies. We can also provide treatment recommendations to people who are screened for research participation, and to talk with their psychiatrist, primary care provider, or therapist about these recommendations. We can also help them find a psychiatrist or therapist in the community.

What insurance do you take?
We do not provide treatment services, so we do not interact with insurance companies. If you receive any form of treatment through our research, it will be free of charge to you, so you do not need to worry about insurance or copays.
Will I have to stop my current medications if I participate?

No. Use of medications does not rule out participation in general. More importantly, your clinical needs are prioritized above our research, so we don't want medication changes to be primarily motivated by participation in our studies.

Is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) available?
Though not available directly from our clinic, some people may be able to receive CBT through qualified personnel in our building, the Connecticut Mental Health Center. We can also try to help you find a good CBT provider in the community.
How long will my involvement with you last?

Participation will be scheduled at your convenience, to the extent possible. Your involvement will entail at least a couple of visits. After an initial evaluation session, scheduling for individual studies may begin. Depending on the study, this may involve one or more additional appointments.

Is the information I share with you kept confidential?
Absolutely. Not only are we required by law to keep your information confidential, it’s something we personally take seriously. Your information is kept strictly confidential.
How much does participation cost me?
Participation will not cost you, save for expenses such as transportation to our facilities. In fact, if you participate in our research studies, you may receive some compensation for your time.
How much do you compensate me to participate?
The amount you will be paid depends on the study (or studies) you participate in.
Can I participate in more than one study?
You certainly can, and we welcome it, provided you meet study criteria.
I don’t have OCD. Can I still participate in research?
We always need control participants with whom to compare individuals with OCD. Control participants need to pass a set of screening tests; psychiatric diagnoses, substance abuse, and major medical or neurological diseases are typically excluded. As with participants with OCD, control participants will be compensated for their time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are at all interested.
How is the clinic funded?
We are funded through various research grants and donations.