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Yasmmyn Salinas

Assistant Professor Adjunct of Epidemiology

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Yasmmyn Salinas



Yasmmyn Salinas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology.

Dr. Salinas earned a Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from Yale College in 2010 and a Master of Public Health in Chronic Disease Epidemiology from the Yale School of Public Health in 2014. She earned her Ph.D. in Public Health (Chronic Disease Epidemiology) from the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2019.

Dr. Salinas’s research is focused on the intergenerational transmission of obesity and its comorbidities. To date, she has approached this issue from a genetics lens. Her current work searches for genetic variants that display pleiotropy for obesity-related metabolic disorders and examines the interactions between maternal genetic factors and early-life modifiable risk factors in relation to metabolic outcomes in children.

Dr. Salinas joined the YSPH faculty in 2019. She teaches two courses: Principles of Epidemiology II and Advanced Applied Analytic Methods in Epidemiology and Public Health.

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