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Research Projects

  • We have created and evaluated among the first LGBTQ-affirming psychotherapy programs with empirical evidence for improving LGBTQ people’s mental health.
  • Treatment innovations must reach individuals in need and must do so without furthering health inequities. We work closely with community partners to understand the mental health needs of LGBTQ communities and to respond to those needs by building local capacity to deliver high-quality mental health.
  • Our students lead exciting explorations into the basic ways that stigma exposure shapes the self, mind, and body in adaptive and harmful ways.
  • Research increasingly shows that the sizable mental health disparity affecting LGBTQ people begins to emerge early in development and is well-established by late adolescence.
  • LGBTQ people around the world face significant challenges to health and wellbeing. Our team seeks to understand global variations in LGBTQ people’s experiences and creates interventions to support LGBTQ individuals living in structurally stigmatizing contexts in the US and abroad. Our active research outside of the US takes place in Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, China, and the Middle East.