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  • We are creating LGBTQ-affirming psychotherapy programs that undo these maladaptive tendencies to improve LGBTQ individuals’ mental, behavioral, and sexual health.
  • Understanding how different systems of oppression intersect to impact individual health requires taking an intersectional approach to research.
  • LGBTQ people frequently move to more supportive countries or regions to escape stigma and to achieve identity-based freedom.
  • Developing a healthy LGBTQ identity can be a formidable task, especially in high-stigma contexts or without family support.
  • Our team is interested in closely examining the relationships between LGBTQ youth and their parents, siblings, and other family members.
  • LGBTQ people around the world face significant challenges to health and wellbeing. Our lab works with international datasets to understand global variations in LGBTQ people’s experiences and creates interventions to support LGBTQ individuals living in structurally challenging contexts.