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Integrating Substance Use Treatment Research with Infectious Disease for Everyone

Our MISSION at InSTRIDE focuses on the intersection of substance use and infectious diseases. Current research focuses on treatments for opioid use disorder, specifically among persons with HIV and other infections, and the criminal justice population. Our mission is to improve the lives of persons with substance use disorder through both research and connecting people to community resources.

Our Director & Principal Investigator

As a Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease and Addiction Medicine Physician, Dr. Sandra Springer formed the InSTRIDE Research Lab in 2018 to implement formative research at the intersection of infectious disease and substance use disorders.

Since 2005, Springer has consistently been funded by the NIH to conduct various trials. Currently, she has five grants including a NIDA Avant Garde award funded in 2022. This award led Springer to push for the legalization of mobile retail pharmacies in the state of Connecticut. Springer’s dedication and tireless efforts eventually led to securing the FIRST in the country.

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