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Open Positions

Want to join us?

We are recruiting graduate students, postdocs, and associate research scientists.

Our central goal is to understand the role of nuclear envelope dynamics and nuclear protein homeostasis in relation to human disease.

We apply a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches including CRISPR-based genome wide screens, advanced life cell imaging, and structural (cryo-EM) methods. With these techniques, our goals are to map functional genetic networks operating within the NE, monitor NE membrane dynamics both in vivo and in vitro, and mechanistically understand molecular machines that sculp and remodel our endomembrane system.

Projects are available in these areas:

(i) identifying the molecular function of Torsins in the context of nuclear pore complex assembly

(ii) analyzing the function of chaperones in modulating phase separation and protein quality control in the nucleus

(iii) determining the structure of a membrane protein complex involved in membrane modeling.

Our laboratory holds regular joint lab meetings with the Bahmanyar, King and Lusk laboratories (Yale Nucleus Club) representing three departments, offering many opportunities for collaborations and skill development.

If interested, please contact Christian Schlieker and send a copy of your resume.