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  • Pathology Department Announces 2021 Faculty Promotions

    Chen Liu, MD, PhD, Chair of the Yale Department of Pathology, recently announced the 2021 Faculty Promotions. The 2021 promotion cycle included Natalia Buza, MD, Professor of Pathology, and Themis Kyriakides, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Paul Cohen, MD, Associate Professor of Pathology, Peter Gershkovich, MD, MHA, Associate Professor of Pathology, and Kurt Schalper, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology.

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  • Yale Pathology Professor Receives NIH Award for Breakthrough Cancer Research

    The award — granted to just 5% of NIH-funded investigators —ensures that Kurt Schalper’s research will be funded for the next seven years. It supports his groundbreaking work identifying novel pathways for cancer immunotherapy which can be used to optimally select and treat patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

    Source: YaleNews
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  • Yale enhances its cytometry capabilities

    The methods and equipment used to probe cellular questions are rapidly advancing—including, at Yale, through the addition in 2014 of CyTOF, or Cytometry Time-Of-Flight, and this past June of the CyTOF Imaging Mass Cytometer (IMC), which greatly expands Yale's ability to examine specimens that are analyzed both for clinical diagnosis and for basic research.

    Source: Medicine@Yale
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  • Yale joins lung cancer Dream Team

    Yale Cancer Center will join a group of prominent cancer research and treatment institutions in a new Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) – American Cancer Society $20 million Dream Team to combat lung cancer.

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  • New tool helps identify lung cancer patients who will respond to immune therapies

    A Yale-led team of researchers has developed a new assay, or investigative tool, to measure the anti-tumor immune activity in non-small cell lung cancer tumors that could lead to a more accurate determination of which patients will respond to immune therapy drugs. Findings from the study were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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