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Pathology Department Announces 2021 Faculty Promotions

December 03, 2021
by Terence P. Corcoran

Chen Liu, MD, PhD, Chair of the Yale Department of Pathology, recently announced the 2021 Faculty Promotions. “The Yale School of Medicine promotion process evaluates each faculty members’ contributions to our clinical, education, and research missions. I am proud to support the advancement of our faculty and look forward to working together to mentor and further advance our junior faculty in the coming years,” said Dr. Liu.

The 2021 promotion cycle included Natalia Buza, MD, Professor of Pathology, and Themis Kyriakides, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Paul Cohen, MD, Associate Professor of Pathology, Peter Gershkovich, MD, MHA, Associate Professor of Pathology, and Kurt Schalper, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology.

Dr. Buza, who also serves as Associate Director of Gynecologic Pathology, authored or co-authored over 130 publications in the field of gynecologic pathology and contributed to multiple sections of the 5th edition of WHO Classification of Female Genital Tumors.

Dr. Kyriakides, who also serves as Director of Graduate Programs in Pathology, operates the Kyriakides Lab, which investigates the regulation and function of matricellular proteins that modulate cell-extracellular matrix interactions with an overall goal of creating novel engineering strategies based on biological observations to enhance tissue repair.

Dr. Cohen is also Chair of Bridgeport Hospital Pathology, Site Director of the Yale Pathology Residency Program at Bridgeport Hospital, and is board certified in anatomic pathology.

Dr. Gershkovich also serves as Director of Section of Pathology Informatics and Cancer Data Science at Yale Pathology, which he joined in 2004.

Dr. Schalper also serves as Director of the Translational Immuno-Oncology Laboratory and trained as a cell biologist, a surgical pathologist and served in clinical molecular diagnostics.

Submitted by Renee Gaudette on December 03, 2021