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Some of the ongoing projects and topics of interest are:

  • Fundamental studies in neuroinflammatory responses, with a broad interest in inflammatory responses across different types of cerebrovascular disease
  • Macrophages and microglial responses, including similarities and differences across phases of injury and recovery
  • Developing methods for making in vitro culture systems and stimulations that more accurately model the complex stimuli cells experience in the brain
  • Investigations into morbidities, including aging and sex differences, diabetes, and infections, and how these affect immune responses to brain injury
  • Metabolic pathways and the determination and manipulation of leukocyte inflammatory states
  • Testing of potential therapeutics for the treatment of stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Translational studies using clinical trial data, patient samples, biorepositories, and ex vivo analyses of patient samples that guide in vitro and experimental modeling of leukocyte responses in human cellular assays.