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  • WHRY Launches Studies on Endometrial Cancer, Addiction to Opioids, and Stroke

    While continuing to focus on the impacts of COVID-19, the center has enlarged its research portfolio to include new projects on the prevention of endometrial cancer in a growing cohort of women at high risk, non-opioid pain management following a cesarean section for women with opioid use disorder who are in recovery, and sex differences in stroke.

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  • Yale Department of Neurology Receives Grant for Stroke Study

    Yale’s Department of Neurology is one of seven medical institutions awarded $4 million from the National Institutes of Health to assess acute ischemic stroke treatments in rodent models. As a part of the Stroke Preclinical Assessment Network (SPAN), participating institutions will work together to increase the rigor surrounding testing for ischemic brain injury, taking a look at six neuroprotective therapies to improve outcomes after stroke.

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  • NIH launches novel nationwide search for neuroprotective stroke therapies

    Recently the National Institutes of Health called on researchers to make the standards and practices for conducting early stage, or preclinical, medical research on animals more like those used for clinical trials. To facilitate this change, NIH will fund a nationwide preclinical trial platform designed to systematically and efficiently test novel treatments for acute ischemic stroke in rodents. Seven labs will work together, as part of the Stroke Preclinical Assessment Network (SPAN), to employ rigorous, clinical research practices, like randomization and blinding, while assessing the effectiveness of six potential neuroprotective therapies in reducing ischemic brain injury. The funding estimate for the network is $4 million over three years.

    Source: National Institutes of Health
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  • Sansing wins Young Neurological Scholar Award

    Dr. Lauren Sansing, an associate professor at Yale School of Medicine, will receive a prestigious American Neurological Association award later this year. Sansing will be awarded the highest merit offered by the ANA: the Derek Denny-Brown Young Neurological Scholar Award.

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