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How do I use the TICER WebTool?

1) To perform the TICER calculation, please follow the user template to help collect the following data inputs:

- biomarker prevalence for population of interest

- survival outcomes: median PFS, median OS (obtained from clinical trials comparing standard-of-care vs. targeted therapy)

- costs of treatment, testing (obtained through Medicare reimbursement rates or Red Book database)

- health related quality of life (HRQOL) values (obtained directly from clinical trials, or one of several compendiums on the subject—for example, Tengs et al 2000)

2) Select the analysis to be performed.

- Base Case Analysis

displays the ICER value (in $USD/Quality-Adjusted Life Year) corresponding to median of each variable.

- Sensitivity Analysis demonstrates the effect of varying each relevant value over the range provided. This shows which variables drive our cost-effectiveness estimate

- Cost Effectiveness Acceptability Curve accounts for uncertainty in our cost-effectiveness estimate. It plots the probability of accepting the biomarker over the range of possible acceptability thresholds.

- Suggested Therapy Costs suggests the cost of targeted therapy necessary to meet a range of possible acceptability thresholds.


Please access the app here: TICER