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Muzumdar Lab

Our laboratory is interested in understanding the mechanisms by which genetic, environmental, and host factors contribute to cancer initiation, progression, and maintenance. Leveraging a combination of sophisticated genetically-engineered cell and animal models, we seek to define the molecular basis for the tumor cell and host adaptations that drive cancer progression. Furthermore, we use genetic and pharmacologic approaches combined with novel nanoparticle-based delivery methods to augment or impede these adaptations and determine the consequences on cancer development in these models. The ultimate goal of our research is to identify new strategies for cancer prevention and treatment.

Having opened our doors in late 2017, our lab is actively seeking postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and postgraduate associates to join us in our research journey. We invite you to read more about our research on this website and on Twitter at @MuzumdarLab. Also, check out our most recent work identifying a local pancreatic endocrine-exocrine signaling axis as a driver of obesity-associated pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, published in the journal Cell and featured in Research Highlights by Nature Reviews Cancer and Cancer Discovery.

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