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Christian Loucks

Postgraduate Associate

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Christian Loucks


Christian received his MSc in Molecular and Cell Biology from Quinnipiac University in 2023. While earning his graduate degree, Christian conducted research in the de Lencastre Lab on miRNA-71 expression in response to b-amyloid toxicity in C. elegans. He continued his research working in the McGinnis Lab where he collected and analyzed samples taken from the Quinnipiac River for the presence of phthalates and plasticizers. During his last year of graduate school, Christian conducted independent study research in the Magie Lab on the role of Rho GTPases during gastrulation in Nematostella vectensis. In June 2023, Christian joined the Müschen Lab at Yale as a postgraduate associate where he will focus his research on signaling molecules downstream of B-cell-/T-cell receptors in relation to lymphoid malignancies.

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