Out of Order

from the Foreword:

"The author is a distinguished scientist in the Yale medical school, but her knowledge ranges far beyond the limits of science and embraces all of humanist culture. I also know of few contemporary poets who can so convey the wonder of human existence so close to its terror, and in a voice intimate yet elusive in its authority—that edges towards the visionary. The highest intensity, among many intensities, is to be found in her volume Fragmented, a sequence of poems for her late husband. They are among the finest poems of mourning I have ever read. A virtuosity of form and technique matches the intensity of the emotion in a stunning lyrical sequence."

CLIVE BUSH: Professor & poet, King's College, London

from the Introductory Essay:

"Laura Manuelidis is not someone who writes verses — she is a poet by all the pulsation of her soul. There are some poets who have a subtlety, but don't have a passion; others have a passion but unfortunately at the expense of subtlety have lost all passion. She has a rare quality: her passion is subtle. I admire her lines: "If I were one stripe of a shirt / On the back of a man / Would I wrinkle Or would I smile / Between the angles of his scapulae?"


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One / divided by Zero

One / divided by Zero

Facets of nature, fierce lamentations, in search of gnosis and celebration.

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Neither going nor coming

Leap of the Dolphin (Oxford poetry)

Subject Lovely as dust

Comment on poetry and medicine (The view from here)

Poem 1 sample:


Greedy for joy the worm crawls out of its tabernacle
Leaves night inside
its small network of caves and automatic connections
in daily self-lubrication
no longer enough

On Poetry and Medicine

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Necessary Voices: Laura Manueldis, Poetry and Science

Vimeo online podcast of poetry reading at Bridgeport U.: http://vimeo.com/42788503

Interview with Kylan Rice on Brigham Young U. Radio

Musical Settings of Poems

with music by Tui St. George composer

with music by A. Schoenberg composer

with music by S. Simons & G. Marks composers