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Welcome to the Kidd Lab

The majority of the work in our laboratory is currently focused on human genome diversity: the patterns of normal genetic variation among four dozen populations (~2500 individuals) from around the world, the variation in those patterns along the genome, and the inference of recent human evolutionary processes. The research involves both molecular and biostatistical components.

Because of longstanding interest in neuropsychiatric disorders that fail to show a Mendelian pattern but do "run in families", our genome diversity studies include sequence variation at several genes with important neurologic functions, candidate genes for various neuropyschiatric disorders, and genes demonstrated to be associated with alcoholism.

Managing these genotype and allele frequency data and making them publicly available has also involved us in a major bioinformatics effort: ALFRED, the allele frequency database we have developed.

Kidd Lab's Mailing Address:

Department of Genetics

Yale University School of Medicine

333 Cedar Street, Bldg SHM Rm I-348

P.O. Box 208005 New Haven, CT 06520-8005

Main Number: 203-785-2654

Fax: 203-785-6568