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Liu Lab

Yale West Campus
840 West Campus Dr (Deliveries: 300 Heffernan Dr)
Advanced Biosciences Center 211 (Office: 213)
West Haven, CT 06516-7389

Lab: 203.737.3110
Office: 203.737.3838

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Positions in the Liu Lab

Postdoctoral positions are available in the Liu lab in the Microbial Sciences Institute at Yale University to participate in cutting-edge research using cryo-ET technology to reveal the structural mechanisms of molecular machines essential for bacterial pathogenesis and viral infection.

  • Candidates with Phd degrees and a background in microbiology, cell biology, or structural biology are encouraged to apply.
  • Expertise in microscopy or image analysis is also desired.
  • Applicants must have first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals and be highly motivated.

To apply, please send a CV, description of research experience, and three (3) references to Dr. Jun Liu.

Please view our publications before applying.