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Welcome to the Jiang Lab

As a physician scientist, my research program is aiming to uncover the molecular and neurological bases and develop novel therapies for neurodevelopmental (autism spectrum disorder) and neurogenetic disorders caused by genetic or epigenetic defects.

We chose the projects that are interesting to us because of the unique clinical presentations of these disorders in clinic and the potential new biology implicated in these disorders. We employ genomics approach to discover the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental and neurogenetic disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, Phelan-McDermid, Angelman, and Prader-Willi syndrome. We ask important questions how the deficiency of genes such as SHANK2, SHANK3, UBE3A, TET3, HIST1H1E, and SNORD116 lead to the impairment of neurodevelopment and what are the mechanism at molecular and circuit levels. We study these questions using in vitro models of patient IPSC derived neurons and brain organoid and in vivo of mutant mice. We employ multidisciplinary experimental approach of combing molecular, epigenetic, cellular, synaptic physiology, optogenetics, and behavioral techniques. Our ultimate goals are to discover new biology and develop novel therapies for these disorders in humans.

We study hard what interests us the most, in the most undisciplined, original as well as enjoyable manner possible.