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Contact Information Available Positions
Josephine Hoh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Yale University School of Medicine

60 College Street
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone: (203) 785-6831
Fax: (203) 785-6279

Part-Time or Full-Time Positions at Several Levels for Computational Biologists:

Research positions at all levels are available to study the genetic causes, associations, gene-gene, gene-environment interactions and evolutionary origin in human diseases.

Our lab is currently undertaking whole-genome analyses in humans of diverse ethnic backgrounds with a range of conditions. The positions require individuals with:

  • Analytical and computer programming (such as C++, Perl, R) backgrounds
  • A keen interest in high-dimensional data analyses as well as DNA sequencing analyses (pattern recognitions, comparison genomics, phylogenetic analysis, etc).

All qualified individuals (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., M.D.) will be considered. Please email a brief cover letter, CV and contact information for three references to

1 Church Street, 6th Floor
New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: (203) 764-9374
Fax: (203) 764-9378


The Hoh lab is funded by NIH and private Foundations. We collaborate with molecular biologists, pathologists and clinicians to determine the mechanisms whereby these genes cause or mitigate diseases.

U.S. citizens or permanent residents, men and women of diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to apply. Visit The Office For Equal Opportunity Programs for full details on the University's Equal Opportunity Statement.

Neil worked in Hoh lab as a postgraduate associate in 2015-2017. He will start his PhD program in the University of Liverpool in fall 2017.