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YSPH study links rental assistance with increased food security and nutrition

When Whitney Denary, a first year PhD student at the Yale School of Public Health, began speaking to community members struggling to pay rent, one theme stood out: how high rent forced families to choose between housing and healthy food. As a result of rising housing costs — she noticed — families opted to purchase cheaper, unhealthier foods in lieu of fruits and vegetables.

Source: Yale Daily News
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  • Staying housed and healthy

    WSHU's The Full Story speaks with researchers and advocates who are working to understand and stem the impact that housing insecurity has on people's health.

    Source: WSHU
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  • Housing and Health Equity Fall 2022 Newsletter

    Our lab is focused on understanding the health implications of the current affordable housing crisis. Our research seeks to illuminate the toll of large, unequal, and unmet housing needs and to examine the health impacts of housing policies. We are grateful to our community partners, funders and the many individuals who have shared their lived experiences of housing vulnerability and housing activism with our research team. This report provides a brief summary of some of our work over the past year. We hope you find it informative. We welcome any questions or comments and would be happy to provide more information.

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  • Hotel housing for homeless teaches an important lesson for future

    In March of 2020, the United States issued an executive order enabling funds from FEMA’s Public Assistance program to be used to cover 75% of costs related to non-congregate sheltering for individuals experiencing homelessness. In New Haven, this enabled the city to contract with two hotels, the Village Suites and the La Quinta Inn and Suites, to house individuals residing in congregate shelters or experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

    Source: CT Mirror
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