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GruenLab Rotation Projects

1. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP-PCR) analysis between a transcription factor implicated in language impairment and it’s possible target.

2. Co-immunoprecipitation of a transcription factor implicated in both dyslexia and language impairment, and characterization of associated proteins.

3. Chromatin conformation capture (3C-PCR) between READ1 (a transcriptional regulator) and gene(s) implicated in dyslexia and language impairment through clinical studies.

4. Generate iPSCs from peripheral blood of dyslexia subjects in collaboration with the Yale Stem Cell Center.

5. Engineer hESCs with specific READ1 genotypes.

6. Data reduction of imaging-genetics data

7. Genotype samples of diverse populations for READ1, correlate with haplotypes, worldwide distribution, and logographic language.