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Advance Care Planning Resources

Welcome! If you found your way to this page as a participant in the STAMP or STAMP-VA study, thank you for your participation. This page includes links to forms and other resources to help you through the process of advance care planning. We have provided a brief description of the content for each link to help you find exactly what you need.

If you are not a participant in one of our studies, the links provided below can still be very helpful to you if you are thinking about advance care planning

Forms and Documents

  1. Connecticut Living Will and Health Care Representative:This link will bring you to the State’s webpage describing the two forms that are called “Advance Directives.” The first is the living will and the second is appointment of a health care representative. From this page, you can download the forms and a packet with information about the forms, including frequently asked questions.
  2. VA Advanced Directives:This link will bring you to the VA page dedicated to Advanced Directives. While the VA forms are similar to the Connecticut forms, you should complete the VA forms if you are a Veteran. The page answers questions about the forms, which can be downloaded from the page. Most VAs offer witnesses and a notary to complete the required signatures.
  3. Body Donation: This link will bring you to the Yale School of Medicine page dedicated to donation of body to science. Required paperwork is included, as well as more information about the topic of body donation.

Resources for Helping You Think about Your Wishes and do Advance Care Planning

  1. Prepare for Your Care: This website covers important topics when making medical decisions about the future. Topics include: how to pick a decision maker, telling others about your wishes, and asking your doctors the right questions. The website includes videos of people talking about their experiences with advance care planning. If you are ready to do advance care planning, this website can help take you through each of the steps.
  2. The Conversation Project: This website is dedicated to helping you have the conversations with your loved ones about your wishes for end-of-life care. It includes stories people have shared about their experiences dealing with these kinds of conversations. It also includes a workbook (called the starter kit) to help guide you through the steps of doing advance care planning.
  3. US Living Will Registry: If you need advance directives for a state other than Connecticut, this website has forms for all 50 states.

Test Your Knowledge

Click on the following link to answer some questions about advance care planning.

Do not use the ‘Enter’ button once you begin the quiz, only click on ‘True’ or “False’ to answer each question.

Once you have answered, click on the ‘Next Question’ arrow to continue the quiz.

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