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Yale Pediatrics Poster Presenters at PAS 2024

February 28, 2024
by Alexa Tomassi

Click here for the full conference schedule and see who will be presenting posters below!

  • Sakina Erika Reames, MPH (presenting author), Snimarjot Kaur, MBBS, Gunjan Tiyyagura, MD, MHS, Marc Auerbach, MD, FAAP, MSc
    • A Qualitative Study of Barriers and Facilitators to Academic Medical Centers Supporting Community Emergency Departments' Efforts to Improve Pediatric Readiness
  • Arielle Shibi Rosen, B.Sc. (presenting author), Kirsten Bechtel, MD
    • Children's ED Provider Experiences with Lethal Means Counseling and Firearm Access for Patients with Behavioral Health Emergencies
  • Catherine O. Buck, MD, (presenting author), Tessa Kehoe, Veronika Shabanova, PhD
    • Diabetes in pregnancy and early nutrition in moderate to late preterm infants: A prospective cohort study
  • Seth Woolf, MD (presenting author), Nicholas Radell, MMSc, Alexandra Laps
    • Emergency Medicine Resident Physician and Physician Assistant Ability to Detect Pediatric Oral Abnormalities
  • Sundes Kazmir, MD (presenting author), John Leventhal, MD, Kirsten Bechtel, MD, Paula Schaeffer, MA, Julie Gaither, PhD, Andrea Asnes, MD, MSW, Gunjan Tiyyagura, MD, MHS
    • Expanding the Take 5 Infant Safety Plan for Crying to Primary Care: A Qualitative Study Examining Caregivers’ Perspectives
  • Christine Puthawala, DO (presenting author), Thomas S. Murray, MD, PhD
    • Factors associated with persistent bloodstream infection in children
  • Marietta Vázquez, MD FAAP (presenting author)
    • Food Insecurity in Medical Residents at Yale New Haven Health System
  • Daniela Hochreiter, MD (presenting author), Shannon O'Malley, MD, Vinita Misra Knight, MD, FAES, Shirley Zhao, MD, Marissa Moncata, Denine Baxter, Sandra N. Anyoha, Catherine Piasio Vinchesi, Ericka Mercado, Dara R. Evans, Sarah Kandil, MD
    • Improving inpatient discharge efficiency through enhanced communication strategies (alone)
  • Angeliki Gkaifyllia, MD (presenting author), Giulio Fulgoni, MD, Jordan Pober, MD, PhD, Xiting Yan, PhD, Richard Pierce, MD
    • Interrupting pro-inflammatory pulmonary-vascular cell interactions to reduce capillary leak in bronchiolitis
  • Pnina Weiss, MD, MHPE (presenting author)
    • Many Pediatric Fellows Do Not Meet the Minimum Level of Supervision at Graduation but Still Pass Their Subspecialty Certifying Exam
  • Alice Baker, MD, MPH (presenting author), Mark Mercurio, MD, MA
    • Navigating Parental Disagreement: Ethical Analysis and Proposed Approach
  • Grace Wang, B.S. (presenting author), Stephanie Samuels, MD, Sarah McCollum, Veronika Shabanova, PhD, Mary Savoye, RD, Mona Sharifi, MD, MPH
    • Participant Engagement and Geographic Reach in a Virtual Versus In-Person Pediatric Intensive Lifestyle Intervention for Obesity
  • Kirsten Bechtel, MD (presenting author), John Leventhal, MD
    • Reinforcing an Abusive Head Trauma Prevention Message with a Priming Stimulus
  • Catherine O. Buck, MD (presenting author), Caroline G. Borden, Veronika Shabanova, PhD, Tessa Kehoe
    • The Impact of Maternal Diabetes in Pregnancy and Preterm Birth on Energy Metabolism Hormone Concentrations in Infants
  • Lindsay Johnston, MD, MEd (presenting author), Christie Bruno, DO
    • Transparency in Compensation: Empowering the Women in Neonatology
  • Sarah B. Kandil, MD (presenting author), Sarah McCollum, Vincent Faustino, MD, MHS
    • Use of Quality Improvement Tools to Increase Consent Rates in a Randomized Clinical Trial
Submitted by Alexa Tomassi on February 28, 2024