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Yale Liver Center Core Facilities

  • The Administrative Core provides essential activities including all scientific and administrative supervisory functions of the Center and its administrative leadership, including the organization and supervision of Core facilities, the planning and scheduling of the enrichment program, and the review and oversight of individual pilot feasibility projects.
  • This Core facility provides technical expertise, equipment and personnel to Liver Center Investigators who wish to work with animal models of liver disease, isolated liver cells, or gene expression in liver tissue. The Cellular and Molecular Physiology Core is divided into two cores: the cell isolation core and the molecular biology core.

  • The Morphology Core Facility provides instrumentation and technical expertise for the preparation, acquisition and analysis of images of cells and tissues at the light microscopic level.
  • The overarching goal of the Clinical Core is to facilitate translational and patient-oriented research. The Clinical Translational Core aims to develop an infrastructure for patient-oriented research by streamlining regulatory and compliance processes, obtaining and storing high-quality samples linked to extensive clinical phenotypic information, offering expert consultation in the design and implementation of patient-oriented trials, and supplying statistical expertise for application of innovative analytic methods in translational and patient-oriented research.