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The Section of Endocrinology is a research-intensive division in the Department of Internal Medicine. The section has 33 faculty, six clinical fellows and 20 research postdoctoral fellows, as well as a number of undergraduate and graduate students in training.

The Yale Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism is one of the oldest Endocrinology Fellowships in the country, with continuous NIH funding for more than a half-century.


Endocrinology Fellowship Training

We have a wide variety of individual research mentors both within the Endocrinology Section and in other Departments. 



The Endocrinology and Metabolism Section is home to a rich tapestry of basic, clinical and translational research activities.

Section Chief

John Wysolmerski

John Wysolmerski, MD 
Section Chief (Interim), Endocrinology & Metabolism more...

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